Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a'Me - MARIO!

I am terrible at Mario. Any side-scrolling game, really. Even in Mario Kart, I'm the girl with the pink car driving backwards through the course making figure eights around corners, getting in the way of all the guys zipping through, lapping me.

I do not excel at Mario, but if I did, I would imagine myself feeling just like him here, commanding the heavens to play Figaro's Barber of Seville.

But this drawing is not for me, it is for Ariana. Does she like Mario? I don't know. Is she better than me at Mario games? Probably.
And since we're talking about video games, the Humble Bundle for android phones is happening RIGHT NOW. It's where you pay what you want for 5 games and the money helps charity. Just go take a look, even if you have no interest in video games at all. It's awesome.

And now for the big question: Do you pronounce it MAR-io or MARE-io?


  1. I love you, man. AND you managed to work in the Humble Bundle, which I always buy and I love. Always gotta beat the average!

    1. Yaaay!! Humble bundle is wonderful, and so are YOU =)